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If One Direction does another 1D day, I swear…. I’ll probably end up watching the entire thing from my couch even though I promised mysELF AFTER THE LAST 8 HOUR ONE THAT I WOULD NEVER STOOP TO THAT LEVEL AGAIN.

Anonymous said:
how do u feel about it being 4 years since 1d came into existence i feel all happy face emoji like can u imagine if they hadn't auditioned wow my heart

four years is so insane to me i can’t fathom it i feel like it was yesterday :’)

Anonymous said:
Trying to get some new clothes! Any suggestions on where to shop? I've already checked Urban and Forever 21. Thanks!

topshop, american apparel, charlotte russe, h&m, brandy melville, nasty gal, tobi, wildfox, missguided, shasa, free people, etc etc x

Anonymous said:
Ugh Sher I seriously just wanna hang out with you and be besties.

let’s do it

Anonymous said:
whats the tag name lol

/tagged/me :~)

Anonymous said:
i wish i knew u personally u are so perfect wow and congrats on the london thing u are living the dream

you’re so so so so kind i want to wrap you up and put a bow on your head and be best friends with you, you’re a very nice person thank you bunches x

Anonymous said:
one direction are apparently planning a second 1d day oH MY FUCK LISTEN TOMORROW IS THE BOYS ANNIVERSARY I AM PISSING MYSELF

this better not be true i have school and a job now i don’t have the time or resources to sit down and watch them fuck around for seven hours!!!!! :(((

Anonymous said:
how do u feel about that paige girl i want ur opinion

tbh i think she does things that seem a little sketchy (like posting that selfie in harry’s shirt AND jacket like ok paige) but she’s so cute man she’s the cutest thing in the world and i want to believe she’s a good person

Anonymous said:
post a selfie plsssssssssss

you don’t wanna see me from the neck up right now i’ve been in bed all day i have macaroni on my face as makeup but i have a selfie tag ;~)

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